OSI Friluft is an association for all students who like fresh air, walks in the woods and fields, and generally want to take part in a social and active association. We have trips with content such as mountain hikes, summit hikes, campfires, tent trips, fishing trips, skiing, campfires and the like according to what the members want.

OSI outdoor has a goal of two low-threshold trips at every month. By low threshold, we believe that there should be simple activities, close to Oslo and easy for everyone to participate. It can be anything from hiking in Oslomarka, campfire, hammock or skiing. We also plan to have at least two more high-threshold trips during the month where it will require a little more resources to participate. We also believe that these trips will be, for example, over a weekend / long weekend. Here we are talking about slightly longer hikes, mountain skis, surfing and summit hikes.

The level in the group is very different. Everything from those who are experienced mountaineers, to those who are well-known in Oslomarka and some who have never slept a night out.

More info can be found at:

Instagram: osifriluft

Facebook: OSI Friluft


Membership fee: 120kr (for OSI)

Training fee: for students: NOK 350 / for non-students: NOK 600 (for OSI Friluft)

To become a member, press the "Become a member" -button at the top of our webpage.

When you become a member of OSI Friluft, you must pay two fees. One fee goes to OSI Friluft and the money is used to arrange trips. The second fee is paid to OSI, to be a member of OSI. These fees are sent out separately

If you have any questions, send an email to: leder-friluft@osi.no