★ What is OSI Friluft?

OSI Friluft is a subgroup of OSI, Oslo Studenters Idrettsklubb. We are an association for all students who like fresh air, walks in the forest and fields, and who generally want to take part in a social and active association.


★ How do you become a member?

Through our website: https://friluft.osi.no/


★ What kind of trips do you hold?

We arrange all kinds of trips such as easy hiking, mountain hiking, kayaking, bonfires, camping trips, fishing trips and skiing. Feel free to check our Facebook page to see previous events: https://www.facebook.com/osifriluft


★ How often do you arrange trips? 

The association aims to keep two low-threshold trips every month. With a low threshold, we believe that there should be simple activities, near Oslo and easy for everyone to participate in. It can be anything from hiking in the forest, bonfires, hammock camps, dinner in nature or skiing.

We also plan to have at least two high-threshold trips per month where it will require a little more resources to participate. We believe and that these trips will be e.g. over a weekend/long weekend. Here we talk about longer hikes, mountain skiing, surfing and hiking.


★ Do you need any experience to be part of the association?

No, you don't have to. The level of the group is very different. Everything from those who are experienced hikers, to those who are well-known in Oslomarka and someone who has never slept a night out. In OSI Friluft everyone is welcome!

Some of our slightly more demanding trips will require experience, this will be well stated in the event text.


★ Are any special equipment required to take part in the trips?

Equipment requirements are specified in each event. For low-threshold trips, no separate equipment is usually required. OSI Friluft also has some outdoor equipment that it is possible to use for members of the association.


★ I'd like to go on an overnight trip, but I don't have a tent. What do I do?

Then you send a message to the organizer and hear what there are of opportunities to borrow equipment. OSI owns a lot of equipment such as tents, hammocks and sleeping mats.


★ Is it possible to take part in a test event before you become a member?

Yes, it is. Keep an eye out for our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/osifriluft to catch upcoming events. We post events on an ongoing basis and hold a welcome tour that is open to all students in Oslo in connection with the start of the semester.


★ How much does it cost to become a member?

When you become a member of OSI Friluft, you must pay two fees. One fee goes to OSI Friluft and that money is used to arrange tours. The second fee is paid to the main club, OSI, for being a member of the OSI. These fees are sent out in separate invoices.

Membership fee: NOK 120 (to OSI)

Training fee: for students: NOK 350 / for non-students: NOK 600 (for OSI Friluft)


★ Does it cost anything to attend the various events?

Some events will require a fee to cover any expenses with transport, food, cabin rental, etc. The price is significantly lower than if you were to book the trip on your own as the association covers large parts of the cost. Here you can "earn back" the semester fee very quickly!


★ I have some questions and would like to hear more about OSI Friluft. How can I contact you?

Feel free to send an email to leder-friluft@osi.no or ask us questions at the welcome trip. 


★ I have some hiking experience and would like to hear more about the opportunities to join the board and participate as a tour guide. 

The board welcomes new board members. Contact leder-friluft@osi.no to hear more about available seats and opportunities.


★ This sounds fantastic! How can I register as a member now again?

You sign up via our website: https://friluft.osi.no/