One night camping trip to the end of the world!

One night camping trip to the end of the world!

Arrangør: OSI Friluft
Påmeldingsfrist: 27.04.2024 02:00



Påmelding fra kr 115,00 inkl. avgifter

Join us to a roadtrip to Verdens ende to see an old lighthouse, hike and also camp in a nearby nationalpark! 

We meet up at Blindern Athletica at 11.00 on 27th of april, and then walk together to our cars. We will have 2 cars.

We drive for 2 hours straight to Verdens ende, where is the old light house, a habour, restaurant, small zoo and couple of view points. We will spend some time there to explore the the area, and then continue our way to beatiful Moutmarka (an area of Fæder nationalpark) and do around 2 hour hike there. 

After the hike we will go back to our cars and drive 20mins to Lilleskagen beach and camp there because it's not allowed at Moutmarka. After setting up the tent, we can go swimming and make food on the bonfire :)

Next day we will have breakfest, explore the nature, harbours if we want and then drive back to oslo. We will be back at 18.00 at latest.

Registration opens 12.4 at 18.00 ! The tickets costs 320kr (includes the rent car and gasoline costs).

If you own a car, you can choose the cheaper ticket (115kr) and contact us ! 

Take with you:

-Food (2x lunch, 1 dinner, 1 breakfest and snacks) + water + a cup

( we will bring a torp on top of the bonfire and kettles what you can use to warm up your food/water)

-A tent, sleeping bag and matress (you can book them from BUA, or contact us because we also have couple of them in our storage)

- A swimsuite and towel

-Warm and waterproof clothes to keep you warm :)

- toiletpaper


+ a headlamp and sitting pad



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