På ski gjennom Nordmarka - via vakre Sinnerdalen

Arrangør: OSI Friluft



"NB! This event depends on more snow in Nordmarka than what we have right now. Fingers crossed! If the amount of snow is not sufficient, we will hopefully come up with a shorter plan B."

Join one of Nordmarkas most scenery cross country skiing trips!

Current plan: We take the train at 07:02 from Oslo S that arrives at Grua just before 08.00. From there we find the ski tracks that takes us to Mylla and beyond.

This plan might change depending on the amount of snow. If there is a lot of snow then Skiforeningen will set up a bus that takes us all the way to Mylla from Oslo S.
We will inform you as soon as this is decided.

The ski trip is an alternative to the classic across Nordmarka trip:
Mylla - Tverrsjøen - Spålen - Kikutstua - Sognsvann
About 40 km

These tracks take us back to Oslo on the Western side of Nordmarka, which is a less visited area. It is beautiful there!

We have plenty of time so the tempo will not be scary.
However, you must be capable of skiing for a whole day.
You should also have experience with cross country skiing from before.
We will have multiple pauses during the trip, with a larger break in the middle. Remember to bring something to eat/drink in your backpack.

More information about how to register here: