Helgetur til Norefjell

Arrangør: OSI Friluft



The first mountain trip of the year will be a ski trip to Norefjell! Norefjell is the closest high mountain to Oslo and is known for its beautiful view of Hardangervidda.

We drive from Oslo on Friday and go up to a cabin called Toveseter (where we will sleep) from Sandvassdammen. On Saturday we continue the journey over Norefjell and the highest mountain on the trip called Gråfjell which is 1466 meters above sea level. The goal of the day is to arrive at the cabin Høgevarde. The trip back on Sunday will follow a shorter route back to where we parked the cars. Most of the trip will follow a groomed trail. The trip is therefore available for a lot of people and requires that one has experience with cross-country skiing. However, you should be prepared to ski for around 7 hours (on saturday) with a backpack in sometimes steep terrain. The total length of the trip will be around 35 km.

A prerequisite to join the trip is that you have paid the membership fee to OSI Friluft.

More information about the trip, expenses and registration will come. Registration opens on monday the 17th of january at 18:00. The registration link and price will be posted here a few days before.

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